"Do you want to get well?" -John 5:6


My dog has Cushings. In May she finally turned the corner and is growing hair back and her skin lesions are disappearing. The NutriCalm really helps her at night and during the day, if I am gone ... She turned nine in February so every day is a gift I celebrate!

- NC

Thank you Judi for giving me the information on the behavioral therapy for my children. We started the vitamin/mineral supplements in January 2016. But let me back up and tell you a little bit about my little angel, my gift from God, we received her seven years ago through foster care. Of course with little information we get we have been learning a lot. She didn't act like a typical child she crawled around, licked you, sniffed you, growled and genuinely acted like an animal. If I bought her clothes she would urinate on them she wouldn't speak only growl. In seven years we have helped her with talking and acting like a young lady and have made great progress. In seven years only once has she said "hi" to neighbor kids; never, can you come play? or can I come over?, nothing.

Fast forward to after we started the therapy, in the last two weeks she has improved so much that she has asked to go to camp this summer; and has asked how to make friends. This is huge for an autistic child in any fashion. Also, her speech has improved so much she doesn't seem to have to struggle as much to find the words she wants to use. Her eight second delay is gone for speaking and the eight second delay for doing something she has been told is down to three seconds. I am so proud for her to come so far so fast.

I would recommend trying this for any one. Behaviorally, she has also improved, she doesn't hurt herself as much and is able to accept consequences better. There was a downside I must mention, when she got to the B-50 vitamin she became very self injurious. If your child does this or any new behaviors call Dr. Judi right away, don't wait, she will tell you what to do.  Again, thank you Dr. Judi for sending me this info and helping us through the whole time. God has blessed you well. 

- Michele

Six years ago I was diagnosed with cardio myopathy and my heart was only working at 25%. The doctor gave me about two years to live. The medical doctor gave me medicine that made me sleep 22 hours and sometimes more. Being a mother of four special needs kids, I knew I couldn't do that. I called Dr. Judi and she worked with me. In five years, my heart is back to 100% normal, my medical doctor said that just doesn't happen with their meds. Thank you Dr. Judi for your knowledge and support through all this. I am slowly getting my health back and am very grateful for all you have done.

- Michele

I want to thank Dr. Judi for being obedient to God to study Naturopathy. She has helped me in so many ways over the years. I don't know what I would've done without her. The Drs. only wanted to give me drugs. She has something that helps in anything you have symptoms of. The 2 things she has helped me the most with is stress and breathing with my COPD.

I was really a mess for over 10 years of taking care of my husband who was very ill. She even tried a to help him and he was stubborn and didn't want to take a lot of pills, which was along with the Drs., so he stopped. He passed away in 2010 and I kept up taking what she was giving me and she told me it would take at least 5 yrs to get my system straightened out.

Well, I started going back to church and rededicated my life back to the Lord and with His help, and Dr. Judi's knowledge of what I needed for my body, I now can say that I feel so much better. I will always use what Dr. Judi recommends as I know it is healthy for me. I was on oxygen and I no longer need it. I had an episode last week and I started using the nebulizer with what she gave me and I am now breathing good again.

I praise God for Dr. Judi. I know I can call her anytime and she will help me.

- Marie Cooper

I went to 4 doctors regarding a rash that appeared out of the blue on my hips about 3 years ago. The rash itched like crazy. I couldn't stand for 2 minutes without wanted to scratch the life out of it.

I then went and saw the dermatologist and she immediately did a biopsy on it. I don't mind the scrapping as long as you provide me with a cure. However, I still walked out without a cure for my rash. Well, off to another dermatologist I went and lived with the "itching & burning" for about another year.

My sister told me that I might be allergic to something and said for me to make an appointment with an allergy specialist. Well, off to another doctor. He did metal and food testing to see if I was allergic to that. His test results came back as me being slightly allergic to was almonds and nickel. Okay, I rarely eat almonds and I don't wear any nickel.

Talk about being defeated. I was at my wits ends and 2 years into this rash. The itching was getting way out of control and the rash was starting to spread to the middle of my back. My neighbor Julie told me to get ahold of Dr. Judi whom she is friends with.

Anyway, the adventure began with an email to Dr. Judi. To my surprise, she replied instantly and suggested that we meet and talk. I drove 1 hour to get to her home and when I got there, she and her family welcomed me graciously into their home. We talked for 3 hours about everything. I felt that I had known her for years the way we talked. An her kids were so pleasant....they repeatedly asked me if I needed anything to drink. How wonderful it was to be there and feel oh so welcomed.

She asked to see my rash. I displayed the rash to Dr. Judi and she knew immediately what was needed to help me. She gave me Tea Tree oil and said I would notice the itching stopped in a couple of days and the rash to start going away in about two weeks. She was right on! I used the tea tree oil daily for 2 months straight. Not only did it clear up the rash but it got rid of the brown spots the rash left on my skin. The rash came back slightly about 5 months later but I put the tea tree oil on right away and it prevented it from coming back.

I am happy to say that I have been rash free for well over a year and am thoroughly excited. I have my life back! The bottle of tea tree oil still sits on my bathroom counter top and will always sit there. The rash and itching were just horrible but every time I see that bottle sitting there, I think of how Dr. Judi saved me.

Thank you, Dr. Judi, for helping me overcome the rash. God Bless you, your family, and the people you help.

- Lumie Emini, Yorkville, Illinois

Dear Judi,

All I know is that since I've met you, you have helped me. My head and body no longer feel like I'm 70 years old. I cannot cry at the drop of the hat. I can communicate better and all that I'm on, I feel SO GOOD...and HAPPY. The Progesterone has helped so much! I have felt that if I hadn't been helped after losing my daughter...the St. Johns Wart has helped. All in all, I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have met Judi. I hope you tell all that natural med. is so much better, and not as hard on your body or mind.

Thanks Judi!
Debbie Wilson

I started taking 2 caps with each meal and noticed my swollen belly is healing.  Also,  Josiah seems more aware of his surroundings, is speaking more clearly and making eye contact more often. 

Thank you for all of your help!!!