"Do you want to get well?" -John 5:6

Are you tired of not getting answers?
Struggling with never feeling better?

Are you wondering what is wrong with you and why the medical doctors keep telling you that, "There is nothing wrong, it is all in your head"?

I would like to help anyway that I can. We live in a fallen world. A world that is broken and full of suffering and pain. I believe that illness comes as a result of the sin of mankind. But, there is hope. Hope that we may find healing and/or the ability to “suffer well”.

My job is to help you by nourishing, strengthening and helping to uphold you in this process.

My teacher, Shonda Parker, said, “Our job? To help them do this suffering well. To hope in God to heal them or uphold them. To nourish with the tools at our disposal. Remember, even that which we believe to be nourishment is only that by God's desire, His blessing. To believe anything else is to have pride in that which we have no hand.”

I personally have been one who has found healing at times, and found the ability to “suffer well” at other times. Therefore, I would like to encourage others on the road that they travel concerning their health.

So let us begin the journey to finding hope in pain and suffering.

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